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Oct 26, 2010 | Blog Paper Press Release

Standard and Poor's Upgrades British Debt Outlook

Today, Standard and Poor’s reaffirmed their r
Oct 26, 2010 | Blog Paper Press Release

CNN Money Exclusive: Britain's Austerity: 4 Lessons for Washington

CRFB President Maya MacGuineas has another commentar

Geithner Supports U.S. Medium-Term Fiscal Targets at the G-20

We at CRFB applaud Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner’s support of medium-term fiscal targets, in the run-up to this weekend’s meeting of

MARKETWATCH: October 18 - 22

Most of the week, markets continued to reflect expectations that the Fed would increase its purchases of Treasury securities (known as quantitati

United Kingdom Outlines $130 Billion in Savings

Budgeteers have been closely watching the United Kingdom during the past six months, as Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne and Prime Minist

MARKETWATCH: October 11 - 15

Change is in the air, but plenty of uncertainty remains. As of mid-morning, the dust is still settling in U.S. and global markets as they take stock...
Oct 11, 2010 | Blog Paper Press Release

Fiscal Reform: U.K. Style

Our friend across the pond, the United Kingdom, is dealing with its own fiscal challenges.

MARKETWATCH: October 4-8

There’s a chill in the air – and not just from the weather.
Oct 6, 2010 | Blog Paper Press Release

The World Debt Clock

The Economist has something pretty interesting up on its website: a global de

MARKETWATCH:Week September 27 – October 1, 2010

The growth play from September has spilled over into October, although cross-currents are apparent and volatility should be expected.